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If you’ve been thinking about repairing, renovating or building and want to make sure your job gets done right the first time, then I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Steve Kwaske. I’m a general contractor, and we’ve been doing business by referral for over five generations because we take care of our customers.

It’s no secret that some contractors often get a bad rap due to the lack of communication, failing to explain their bids, dishonesty, or leaving owners with poor workmanship. You deserve better, and that why we do things differently here at Kwaske Construction.

For example, before we give an estimate we do our homework by reviewing zoning issues, talking with building inspectors, engineers, and architects to make sure your job is done correctly. This is an extra step, but it saves time, money, reduces rework, and most importantly reduces owner stress. Researching these areas will provide the kind of craftsmanship owners should demand.

Craftsmanship can be described as expertise, technique, and artistry. We practice this by taking advantage of continuing education in best practices, and testing in all facets of our industry! So much testing that building material manufacturers are endorsing our craftsmanship with warranties other contractors simply can’t provide. They also inspect our work for compliance to their specifications.

Lastly, sometimes people want things that can not, or should not be done. Even though Kwaske Construction has lost business on this idea, we feel it’s important to tell the truth up front about what is best for your project. We’ve seen contractors bid the lowest price, then tack on extras later to make up for lost profits or use substandard methods/materials.

That’s not right.

You pay good money. You deserve better.

So when you are considering work, please call or contact us, Kwaske Construction, for an honest estimate. Thanks for stopping by today.

Kwaske Construction, Co. BBB Business Review