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Kwaske Construction offers Jackson area home, commercial, and industrial property owners premium construction services. We offer 24-hour customer support and place an emphasis on continued training in order to be the best in our field. Kwaske Construction continues to receive up-to-date education on different aspects of construction, and we sit down with potential clients to educate them on exactly what their project will entail. We want our clients (or potential clients) to be able to make an informed decision.

We realize this is a big decision, and we want our clients to feel comfortable making it. When doing a project evaluation, we sit down with a potential client and discuss what needs to be done and what options are available. Upon beginning a project, we do a complete inspection, explain everything that the clients should expect and, at the end of the project, we do another walk-through to make sure they (and we) are satisfied. We use the best materials with no additional up-charge because every job is a huge investment that owners don’t want to have to do again a few years down the road due to cheap materials.

We get to know all Kwaske Construction installers and sub-contractors before hiring them. We make sure they have been both certified and trained on all the products they apply on the job site and have a good reputation for client respect and thorough, quality work. It’s important to make sure our clients feel safe and can trust those working on their home.

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