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New Construction – Home Construction

A new construction project has many steps. Pre-construction planning is probably the most important step. At the planning stage, we look at the vision you have created with other professionals to help make sure each and every room, window, floor, cabinet, closet is just the way you want it (on paper) and structurally sound. We begin to choose the best and most effective materials for the project.

Some of these professionals include a building inspector, architect, and interior designer. It is during these conversations that we work with you to ensure that your budget is met with the best material and workmanship available. This is the most important step to us. We want to give you the best and stay within your budget. We would rather lose a project contract at the start than mislead you.

The beginning phase of construction, excavation, includes working with soil engineers who test the foundation soil to ensure that conditions are just right to begin construction. Once they have certified the proper compaction has been achieved, the foundation begins. 

Like anything in life, a good foundation is key to a strong construction. Kwaske Construction works with contractors to ensure that your foundation is strong.  From there we and other contractors work to assemble your home to the picture of your dream.