It all starts with the build-up…


A new roof is a big investment, so it is important to make sure it begins with a foundation that protects it from the inside and out. KCC. uses Synthetic Diamond Deck Underlayment because it prevents moisture infiltration that leads to mold and rotten, warped decking. Compared to traditional felt, Synthetic Diamond Deck Underlayment provides:

√  Warranty                                  √  “Green” Roofing Technology
√  Mold Resistance                      √   OSHA-preferred slip resistance for a safer worksite
√  Class-A Fire Rating                 √  Breathability – especially practical in humid climates
√  Wind Resistance                     √  UV Rating

Leak Barrier

Valleys, eaves, skylights, stovepipes, other flashing areas, and rake edges require extra protection as the most leak-prone areas of the roof due to rain, melting ice and snow. Made with fiberglass reinforcement, leak barriers provide a 100% watertight seal to prevent staining on interior walls and ceilings.

Starter Strip

Nailed to the roof’s drip edge, pre-cut starter strip shingles speed installation time while helping to prevent shingle blow-offs because of their factory-applied adhesive bands. Although not used by all roofing companies, starter strips are required by all top manufacturers for warranty coverage.