There is comfort in knowing your contractor cares about craftsmanship and quality. It’s a difference you feel before the work even starts, a feeling of trust. Kwaske Construction brings that every day because it’s the way we were taught.

We are a small, American, family business with over a century of knowledge and experience passed down, generation to generation, father to son. “The customer’s satisfaction is #1! and happy customers always return.” that theme runs in our family.

Leo Kwaske founded Kwaske Construction in 1921. He’d already gained years of experience working for his father in Poland but the American dream brought him to Jackson. The couple raised their twelve children here in Jackson. He brought the boys up in the family business.

Grandpa had a saying “You can tell a craftsman by his tools”, he always bought the very best, most durable he could find. Perhaps he was trying to justify it (purchase) to his wife, but he told the boys you “can’t do a good job with lousy tools. He and the boys built a great reputation in the community and their fingerprints are on many of the buildings in the area today.  

After Leo passed away, the boys took the lead and, in 1968, started Kwaske Brothers Construction, Inc. Ernie Kwaske became a General Contractor, an Architect, a Structural Engineer, and a Gentleman Farmer. As he worked with his father and brothers, so did three of his four sons. His eldest, Stephen Kwaske, entered the business at an early age.

Today, Stephen, his wife, Carol (Walczak), and their only son, Matthew, a U.S. Army Veteran, own and operate Kwaske Construction. Proud of the family legacy, they maintain the reputation of integrity, craftsmanship, and quality. while making the considerable effort to learn and apply the latest techniques