A deck or balcony can be a beautiful detail on a home. If you are looking to add a deck or balcony to your property, ensuring that it is done properly is essential for maintaining the well-being of the current structure. An ill-constructed and connected deck or balcony can result in water damage around the connection site, causing safety issues for those using it.

In the same way, a deck or balcony that is in need of repair can lead to further damage to the main structure and create dangerous conditions. Damaged decks or balconies can also lower the aesthetic value of your home. Kwaske Construction has years of experience adding on and repairing decks and balconies. We always make sure that our work is done properly, refusing to take any shortcuts in order to definitively guarantee the safety of the structure. Call us for an estimate and honest conversation regarding your dream deck or balcony, to repair to an existing one.