When looking for a new roof, there are a few factors that homeowners need to take into consideration: warranty, style, color, and price. CertainTeed, for the past 3 years, has given Kwaske Construction their highest 5 Star Rating for customer service and customer satisfaction. CertainTeed and Owens Corning are two of the largest manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products, due to their advanced quality, expertise, and convenient manufacturing locations.

Professional Installation

Kwaske Construction offers a 50 year fully transferrable warranty that gives you the comfort of knowing you're covered with confidence.To ensure your total satisfaction, our company has been provided with extensive educational materials developed by CertainTeed and Owens Corning technical experts—allowing us to stay current on the latest roof installation techniques. That is why CertainTeed and Owens Corning has authorized us to offer their enhanced system warranties, which even include an option for a factory inspection of your finished roof! Life Time Warranty covers the first 50 years non-prorated. If the material is found to be defective, we will remove all roofing material, dispose of it, and replace it with a new roof – all labor and material are covered! Certainteed’s 5 Star warranty even covers Workmanship. This means that it’s covered for the first 25 years if the crew installs the roof incorrectly.

Superior Protection

Most people think that a new roof is nothing more than just nailing up some shingles. We know better—so we recommend CertainTeed and Owens Corning.
It gives you the best protection against a variety of all-too-common roofing problems. Plus, each component used in the “system” has earned the prestigious.

“Worry-Free” and “Hassle-Free” Warranty

Because of our unique factory-certified status, the roofs we install are eligible for special warranties — all backed by CertainTeed and Owens Corning financial influence as two of America’s largest roofing manufacturers.

After all, a warranty is only as good as the manufacturer that stands behind it. With a CertainTeed or Owens Corning roof, you know that you will be covered throughout the warranty period—without fail! Ask us about which warranty option would be right for your home.

Replacing a new roof is something most homeowners do only a few times during the life of their home so it is important to do it right. As a locally owned business, we are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service on every job that cannot be matched by any contractor in the area, no matter how big they are. We commit to providing you with highly trained installers, the owner on every job, transparent quoting, a history of satisfied customers, and quality work that you can go see in other homes.

We GUARANTEE every job with a 25 Year Workmanship Warranty*!

We’ll come to your home, at no charge, and do a thorough inspection of your roof. You’ll not only get a free quote on your roofing project, but we will also show you how your roof becomes part of a larger roofing system along with some simple things you can do to extend the life of your home. For some basic roofing concepts and terms, click here for our Glossary of Common Roofing Terms.

Many contractors will tell you about the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the shingles you buy, but what they won’t tell you is the fine print behind each warranty and how their practices actually disqualify you from being able to redeem that warranty if you needed it. Kwaske Construction works hand-in-hand with its manufacturing partners to get all of our team educated on how to properly install their products so that consumers can best take advantage of the benefits provided by the shingles they purchase.