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Kwaske Construction works hard every day to earn your trust. Let us provide the instant comfort and reduced noise levels you need, with first-class insulation. You can count on us for new home and retrofit insulation projects.

Find the effective insulation you’re looking for with our well-trained staff. Over a decade of experience, commitment to continuous education, and certification as an authorized installer allow Kwaske Construction to meet your residential and commercial insulation needs.

Insulating is a critical piece of your energy reduction plan. Having good insulation will save you 12 times as much energy in its first year as the energy used to produce it. Only 20% of homes built before 1980 contain sufficient amounts of insulation. Most homes older than this made use of products such as old newspaper and wool, which left gaps, sagged and lost their effectiveness.

You deserve better insulation

Kwaske Construction offers the lifetime insulation protection you are looking for. It won’t settle, accumulate moisture, or lose its R-value over time. We are proud to offer the environmentally friendly solution to insulation you demand. The fiberglass we use in your building is engineered, produced, and shipped, with the commitment to minimizing environmental impact and improving energy savings. You deserve the best. 

Boost the R-Value

Following the energy crisis during the 1970s, the U.S. Department of Energy developed a system indicating a material’s resistance to heat flow, known as its Resistance-value or “R-Value”. The higher the R-Value, the better insulated the home. Having high R-Value insulation installed slows the flow of heat through walls, floors, and especially ceilings. Click here to see how much R-Value is needed in your home.

You need expertise and experience. Kwaske delivers with 5 generations of experience, continuous education for our team, and 100% commitment to satisfied customers. Trust the builders who pursue certifications and keep credentials up to snuff. Trust Kwaske construction and rest assured that the work done for you is to spec. and properly warrantied.